I was born August 29, 1945 in Providence Rhode Island. At age 6, I knew I wanted to be a guitar player. I would hear notes and find them on a plastic guitar that I had and figure out songs that I liked.
I am not certain of the year, but the first time I heard Jimmy Reed, I knew I wanted to be a blues guitar player. At the age of 8 (1953), my father bought me a 140 ĺ  Gibson electric guitar with a 15 watt Krystal tone amplifier. This was the beginning of many of my dreams, coming true. I do not come from a wealthy family, so where my father got the money for that guitar is still a mystery to me. My father loved Hank Williams, and country music in general, so of course I had to play a lot of country music. But you see country music and blues music arenít that far apart if you go to the roots.

 I had no choice, I couldnít get enough.

  In the 60ís I played in a number of bands, including Wilkinson Tri Cycle. In the early 70ís I played in St. Elmos Fire which included some incredible players, which included BuddyMiller,(bass,guitar&vocals,) Christopher Hartshorne,(banjo& vocals)(M.G. Clemens,(drums & banjo) M.Dean Steiding, guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals & anything else you could think of, and Peter Zyhailo( fiddle).

You can see pictures of this band. They are the black and whites kind of grainy, above. We opened for Buddy Guy and Jr. Wells, and the Staple singers, to name a few. ...    I opened for Leon Russell. In November 2009, I opened for Duke Robillard and in April 2010 I opened for the James Cotton Blues Band.

   The Blues has been one of the few things in my life, that has grabbed hold of me and just wonít let go, for this I am very thankful. There is not one day that goes by that I donít pick up a guitar or just plain sing the blues. To Be Continued ...

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Further On Up The Road
from: Live In Millinocket
I Feel Like Goiní Home
from: A New Direction
Davidís Rush
from: Wilkinson Tri-Cycle 1969

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Thurs. 15 Old Mill Pub (Skowhegan) solo 6-9pm

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